What size of paella pan i should use for four people?

What size of paella pan i should use for four people?
8 April 2020 Sa Paella Club
What size of paella pan I should use?

A question that some of my instagram followers ask me is, what measure of diameter of paella should be used according to the diners we have.

Is this important for the final result that we will obtain? The answer is yes.

The size of the paella will totally influence the final result of our rice dish. Why? Because we can control the cooking of the rice grain much more if we have a larger diameter using the right amount of rice. If we use a very small diameter and put a high amount of rice, the thickness of our paella will be bigger, forcing the grains of the bottom, center and surface area not to be made in the same way (three different grades of cooking), having that result called (that happens many times and we have to avoid that 100%) the “overcooked rice” and its not a nice feeling as it is sticky and not nice. Our objective is to have the rice loose and not overcook.

Here I leave you the measures that we use (keep in mind that one serving is maximum 100grs of raw rice) so that you get a much better result in your rice dishes! Do you need help to create your next celebration or event??